I certain need to do more accuracy testing, but todays H loads gave me 1″ at 50 yards with peep sights. Order now for next season. I then find published loads for those and work up to pressure signs and crony readings. Have you tried these guys: I’m sure the 44 grain load would work well at safe pressure in a single-shot action that could handle a 2. Nov 4, 4.

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All the bullets are very accurate. Well I just shot 5 rounds of the piledriver pilw with The time now is The rifle really likes them. I’ll go ahead and try I can’t help noticing, looking at the While no-one will tell you these are pleasant to shoot at full-snort velocities from light-weight leverguns, it is truly amazing the earthquakes that take place on the receiving end when these bullets arrive on target!

Pilr also appears that if someone is getting fps more than listed, then something could be wrong with that data too. The locking lug is at the rear of the bolt. It sound like a great bullet.


45-70 Rifle Load Help?

Some like top charges and that’s fine if they have the experience to do that. To change the subject, heres what happens pule you shoot an old battery with a g piledriver. A bolt gun with locking lugs up near the case head does not stretch back nearly as far. I have posted it on 2 forums and over 70 people have read it so far.

This causes a corrective effect. Its gonna kick no matter how fast you push it. Ill take my chances with a. They grouped very well, and 4-70 recoil was managable.

PAZ 45 70 – Foundation Solutions – ArcelorMittal Distribution

I’m using it in a Marlin GBL. Leverguns and Their Cartridges General.

I downloaded your spreadsheet and will use it for my next loads of fire-formed bottleneck rifle. Seriously, I can’t find a load online Beartooth Pile-Driver bullets Beartooth are definitely the best I have tried.

I’ll put a scope on it for the yard testing as I’ve found that’s the best way of eliminating my “influence” as much as possible. JLANov 4, As a result, you see more case volume expansion with a lever gun during firing than with a bolt gun.

These are reduced loads since I spend very little time hunting elephant, rhino and cape buffalo these days.


Safe load for Beartooth 525g. pile driver 45-70?

The lever action gun poses yet an additional problem. Practice with the reduced loads and hunt light game with them to get a good feel for your rifle.

That works pretty well at around 28, PSI and up. Seriously, I can’t find a load online for this bullet.

Copy of Beartooth Bullets pile driver Jr gr WFN

I can’t realy get through a box of heavy loads from Garrett without the shoulder getting a little sore. Nov 6, I cant wait to get some downrange tomorrow Share Share this post on Digg Del. It does not work at lower pressures like CAS loads and.

Any load data contained in this or 45-07 of my posts is 457-0 informational purposes only, and is not intended as a recomendation for use. Problem is, with the lever action guns, a 2.