However, if you’ve found a way to configure your AccuForce wheel for Pirate Ship Simulator , you can set the range up to degrees! The funny thing is no matter what I do I can not bring the overall level down. I have also experienced the poor simulation of service provided by SimXperience, they seem to answer easy questions but when you ask a question which is a bit critical, they just cut you off. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. As it reads, you shouldn’t use it.

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If you are having troubles with your pedals, please try this and let me know if this method worked for you. I own the wheel and have many problems not resolved or answered, maybe considering selling it soon.

Accuforce and Non supported wheel and pedals fix

I ordered my accuforce on December. Automobilista to Feature McLaren Cars?

I’ve tried the Dirt2 with no luck. I won’t go into the details of sindows, but hopefully after playing with the settings covered here, you will have enough on your own to explore the rest. I want to be sense more road undulation, grip levels and car movement through the wheel. Jan 6, 4.

High Peaks Allowed – Wihdows was the old maximum possible strength value. This wizard is meant to help you, but it certainly doesn’t work miracles.


The Responsive mode is fun as it produces more intense sensations when running over bumps. While it will dampen out oscillation while the car is in motion, it will also dampen out the wheel in the scenarios where you actually need it to spin in the other direction quickly because you need to save the car in a slide. In addition to this, there are two other effects which control oscillation, so why this effect is included here is confusing for sure.

Very Dissapointed in Simxperience Accuforce customer service | RaceDepartment

Will your fastest lap represent acchforce the laps you’re going to drive? This effect attempts to add additional FFB detail by representing forces on the car’s suspension and tires. Higher values may smooth out actual FFB wincows, causing your wheel to feel numb. If you’re not having issues with the Engine RPM effect, don’t touch these.

Jan 6, 3. After contacting support they agreed to take everyting back and gave me a full refund including the shippingcost. Moving is a double edged sword.

Very Dissapointed in Simxperience Accuforce customer service

Click here to print your certificate. They won’t change for a while. It’s best to start with nothing and as much as you feel you need until you start seeing adverse effects. Like most of the other effects in the OutputMixer, this one also uses the real-time data gathered from the game physics.


So i sent screen dumps from the website and from their cart showing the “new” price and they didn’t respond, twice.

Accuforce and Non supported wheel and pedals fix — Codemasters Forums

Garbage in, garbage windws. I am not happy with the feel of the FFB setup, it feels way too dead when the steering is pointing straight ahead.

If you’re going to drive a crappy lap, you’ll get a crappy setup. It’s difficult to say which mode is the “true” mode, unless you sit with a torque wrench and measure the output torque value and compare that against what the FFB signal source wanted it to represent.

Posted July 25, edited. Next you want to do the Sim Commander side of things. Follow the rest of my original guide from when I start talking about the in game controller window. If you feel like you windoss this setting, set it to a very small amount.

Tune this to your liking. Move your wheel all the way to the lock. Too much of this effect will have undesirable feel. Jan 11, 7.