Chris, Daryl, and Brad go on to the top floor after seeing her out the window and rescue her. Joe leads them up the stairs. She goes in to find him flirting with the sleazy Sesame Plexer. Retrieved from ” http: Introvision uncredited William Mesa You can even see the red light from the camera. When Chris and the children start walking on the I-beam above the bad guys hideout, looking down from the kids’ point of view, there is a metal chain hanging over it.

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He takes them to Dawson’s Garage and drops them off. Disney reportedly planned a remake for release in They take Brad to the university hospital, where he receives a stitch. Fredric Steinkamp William Steinkamp.

Adventures in Babysitting () – Goofs – IMDb

Later on when she goes into a construction site, there are no lights on anywhere. The car thieves manage to once again catch up to the kids, but the four narrowly escape by stowing away aboard a Chicago ‘L’ train. They are detained in an upstairs office but escape. For the remake, see Adventures in Babysitting film. She takes Adventtures, Sara, and Brad’s friend, year-old Daryl Coopersmith Anthony Rappand sets out, but they get a flat tire, find the spare compartment empty, and become stranded on the highway.


Bradley Whitford, who played Mike Todwell un the film, was actually 27 years old at the time of shooting in Edit Adventures ni Babysitting After separating Daryl from a streetwalker who is a runaway, Chris is reminded of Brenda. In the beginning of the movie where Sarah drags Chris to watch TV, after the scene where Brad talks to his friend Darryl, you hear a song from A Nightmare On Elm Street but as the camera pans over to Chris in front of the TV, she’s watching something totally different possibly a cartoon?

As Chris and the gang are running down the alley, right before entering the Blues house, you can see at the end of the alley that it is daytime. Pruitt arrives in his tow truck to help Chris with the flat, he might have known to take off the left rear panel inside ‘s model Buick Estate Wagon where he would have found the spare tire and jack.

Sea of Monsters Night at the Museum: Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. The kids find the restaurant where Mike was supposed to take Chris and discover he is there with another girl. It is in two different shots before they leave the hospital.

Brad stands up for his friend while Daryl kicks Mike into a food cart, ruining the dinner. When they pull out, it is as clean as a showroom version. Pruitt steps on the gas pedal and we get a brief glimpse of the speedometer.


Crew members are reflected in Sara’s helmet when Brad calls Thor a homo.

In real life there are no buildings, El Train tracks in front of the Associates Center. From the camera angle from below, there is no chain.

Adventures in Babysitting

This page was last edited on 5 Novemberat These could be new elevators in an older installation, however. Dan John Ford Noonan They stumble into a Blues club and are forced to sing about their ordeal by Albert Collins, receiving applause from the audience.

Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. When Brenda calls, it is vice versa.

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It was not picked up to a series. This article is about the film. The elevator doors should have opened at the lower number floor first and seeing the party going on, she would have gotten off there and wouldn’t have continued going up. Edit Adventures in Babysitting Reaching their hideout in the South Sidethe kids realize they have stumbled upon a chop shopand Joe is chided by Graydon, the operation’s second-in-command, for bringing witnesses.

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