At X all parameters were set to the maximum. But in others the efficiency is not much better because apart from a new fab process and a larger L2 cache the new core has nothing new. Did they find a solution to breaking the mb barrier they are not sharing? So far, I am quite pleased. First of all, this allowed placing a twice larger L2 cache, and secondly, power consumption and heat dissipation became less because of the reduced power supply 1.

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It was cheap and had a great feature set with only one major bit of stupidity.

I don’t use it that much, anymore, but I can’t bear to part with it either. If expansion cards are inserted tuls2 the first PCI slots the connectors are difficult to reach.

Socket A, Socket 7, Socket coolers will all fit as long as they don’t hit anything ttusl2 the socket and ASUS left quite a bit of open space. The Intel Pentium Xeon was leading for a long time in the sector of multiprocessor systems based on the X86 architecture because of an absence of a dual-processor chipset supporting the AMD Athlon.

But the increased overclocking potential doesn’t tuwl2 much for servers where Intel positions the Tualatin. Well, the new test from Bapco is a worthy successor, being as accurate as its predecessor. Reduced power consumption and the updated SpeedStep will be appreciated both by suppliers of servers and workstations on this processor and by portable PC makers. Most directx 8 games didn’t need more than MB. It’s good for 4GB. I got it up and running and it is rock solid. Aeus disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA.


ASUS TUSL2-C, Socket 370, Intel Motherboard

Board index All times are UTC. In the SYSmark the total score is equal for both processors.

That is why we managed to overclock this sample only up to 1. I hope that the tussl2 will eliminate all drawbacks and improve the BIOS.

The only downside of the thing was that the USB controller had some issue that made USB usage a pain especially my scanner ha problems all the time. Users browsing this forum: Besides, there are utilities for system monitoring, a proprietary screensaver and AsusUpdate.

I have a GeForce 4 Ti in it which rounds out the 3D side nicely. Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: You don’t need anything fancy. Did they find a solution to breaking the mb barrier they are not sharing? The result is given not for each product used in the tests, like in the previous version SYSmarkbut is calculated when all tests are completed. The chipset’s and memory’s power is set to 3.


VOGONS • View topic – Fun with ASUS TUSL2-C

The only difference with the previous versions is lack of a possibility yusl2 change Vcore. MetaCreations Bryce 4 Adobe Photoshop 5. The processor core is covered with an IHS Integrated Heat Spreader – a metallic plate protecting the die from damaging and improving heat exchange.

As for Internet content creation packets, they have also undergone changes: The new packet from Bapco uses new software products.

My Mhz had the cooler already attached, so i never had to fiddle with cooling.

Intel Tualatin (Pentium III-A), ASUS TUSL2-C and SysMark

Found one on fleabay and bought it. To improve the stability the ttusl2 equipped the board with 8 uF and 2 uF capacitors. Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 Adobe Photoshop 6. It implements scripts in different software products and measures time of test implementation. The overclocked processor, however, is beyond comparison.