No buying or selling accounts, hacks, etc, in this subreddit. The way he drives his opponent’s head down looked violent as fuck. One of his favorite signature moves was the spike piledriver, which he used as a finisher back in his Stampede Wrestling days and continued to use occasionally for the rest of his career. The atomic knee drop involves climbing to the middle rope, then coming down hard on a prone opponent. A usually massive wrestler holds back the dominant arm of his opponent, then delivers a single, crushing punch to his chest.

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I’ll go with Bret Hart overall though. So what did The Rock use to defeat opponents, before discovering his most famous signature moves? But while each of these transformations brought some new tactics into The Undertaker’s offensive arsenal, there were some constants. BB code is On.

Bret Hart Piledriver – WWE ’13 Message Board for Xbox – GameFAQs

Women of Wrestling Celebrities. Submit a new text post. Of course, Nash wouldn’t stick with the move for long. Don’t spoil the fun. In an effort to keep the subreddit clean, enjoyable to browse, and reduce post floods, submissions related to faction recruitment are not allowed.

Yes, Michaels was using Sweet Chin Music even in the early ’90s. Just as Rude didn’t develop his iconic persona overnight, he also didn’t immediately discover The Rude Awakening. Bret Hart did a pretty good looking piledriver.


Backlund’s famous crossface chickenwing a more interesting and effective movebut it was such a slike fit for his character. Unique lists featuring bbret culture, entertainment and crazy facts.

Sure, he had other moves — for example, his “Lasso from El Paso” submission hold. Chief among these commonly used maneuvers is, of course, the finishing move — the well established, easily identifiable exclamation point which, when delivered properly, is sure to signal the end of a match.

Personal Attacks on other users.

Bret Hart “The Excellence of Execution”

How the hell can you make a Bret Hart character and NOT have the sharpshooter as his default spioe From their personas and attire to signature catchphrases, fans come to associate certain things with their favorite piledfiver.

A handful of characters got to keep their finishers as their starting one Cena and Rock among thembut most had it buried away. Like some of the other moves on this list, Kevin Nash’s forgotten finisher is a perfectly impressive mid-match maneuever that, decades later, comes across as an entirely unconvincing finisher.

The only place to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures. Back in the day, though, it was enough to put someone away for the three count. When someone new performs a popular wrestler’s signature move, fans can’t help but think of the grappler who innovated it.

Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. A usually massive wrestler holds back the dominant arm of his opponent, then delivers a single, crushing punch to his chest.


And you are free to post that here, but keep it mature. Thankfully, Flair not only covered, but began to find his footing as a charismatic performer. Please post them in Faction Friday search for it instead. piledrive

The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. But Bret didn’t always use the move to finish opponents. Fourteen years after Randy’s debut on WWE’s main spime, his name has become synonymous with the signature move that bares his initials, the RKO.

Bret Hart’s finisher ISN’T the Sharpshooter? : WWEChampions

From earlier datamining, the Viper and the Hitman were initially coded to have different finishers to begin with Overdrive and Spike Piledriver, like their other versionsbut it was changed to the RKO and Sharpshooter the week of their character releases. Tjoli Davey D Gaming Similar subreddits: I also like Jerry Lynn’s package piledriver.

Apart from the pipedriver now seeming somewhat quaint, it’s worth considering how Bob Backlund’s career might have been different if he’d continued pilwdriver use the move as a finisher. WWE Champions is a mobile game, developed by Scopely.