But the only sound I get is the 1 piano. The M-Audios seem to have the perfect balance for a medium to large room, the bass is prominent but not overpowering, which it was on my other external speaker system. The CP33 is solidly built, and looks neat, and feels like it would take a bit of gigging abuse in a decent case. Most Online 15, Mar 21st, This Agreement shall be interpreted according to and governed by Japanese law without reference to principles of conflict of laws.

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Through the M-Audios, the CP33 really sounds surprisingly like my baby grand. My sound set up is to connect both keyboards separately to my M-Audio BX5a powered monitor speaker system or headphones via a mixer.

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Yamaha CP33 Stage Piano

This is the set up I use the most, but I stored both set ups and can easily swap between them. I always thought that the Clavinova was the mkdi instrument for me, but it was expensive and not portable, and now I essentially have the features of the Clavinova at a fraction of the cost and portable into the bargain.

The instructions in the manual are pretty poor CP I thought the CP33 had a very good piano sound, with good resonance in the lower ranges, and when sustain is used. My mdii priorities were excellent piano sound and feel, mivi I also wanted simplicity of operation as a controller, portability and a size, weight, shape that fitted nicely into my set up.


Music – CP33 Stage Piano

I was hoping to gig with just one direct box for both jidi. On the other hand, they are reputed to be good. Don’t show me this message again. Government End Users shall acquire the Software with only those rights set forth herein.

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Using the connection example shown above, you can play both instruments and have them separately. I played live by ear to record this and the arrangement is just misi popped out of my head, but it contains some unusual harmony and key changes, so even if you are not interested in the CP33, I think its a nice piece that works well as on solo piano.

Another bonus is that I can now plug in an extra foot pedal, because I keep the sustain pedal on the CP33, which means I can use the two pedals plugged into the PSR for other purposes. Skipp, Oct 27, To use this feature, you must set the CP33’s output channel and the external tone.


I agree that its touch is heavier than the newer Yamahas CP 1 and CP5but I cp333 grown used to the heavier action and now prefer it.

Controlling from an external midi keyboard | Yamaha CP 33 User Manual | Page 43 / 64

Connecting this instrument to a computer via MIDI opens up a whole world of musical possibilities—such as. I really like this method of changing voices because it is easier than pushing buttons while playing live, and sounds more natural because the sounds can be overlapped by using sustain at the change.

Splitting the keyboard c33 also simple, and again the sliders now can control the level of each section of the keyboard. There is a pair of sliders, which lets you set the layering level for each voice.

I plug in a jack plug to silence the internal speakers on the PSR I cp333 the Kurzweil and Roland would also have been good choices, but after several months I still feel satisfied with the choice I made. It comes with a proper piano style sustain pedal.

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