One of the key shop stewards, Mr Lance Price, of the Boiler- makers, agrees; He was origin- ally opposed to privatisation and remains against it in prin- ciple. Feteuary 10, , foe Re-. Compact, self-possessed and tenacious, she would be an asset to the theatre of rhetoric or debate. USSR, provides it with a unique quality which I believe is yet not being fully exploited. This would result in a lessening of demand for the U. It also provides enough flexibility so that if a piece of equipment fails, the system can keep going. Britain, however, will now be able to sound out a less known, but potentially even more powerful, Soviet leader in Mr Gorbachev.

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You will appreciate that the extent of perks of the kind-you describe is constantly under review. The tone of Heimat is light- ened, and also deepened, by the occasional use of emblem- atic architectural cut-outs, and throughout by skilful changes in film stock. Indl Wgi ‘ Bh g. There is a good deal of support for this view in government, but the voices were somewhat stilled by the alarm which accompanied the fall of sterling below last month.

In old age, Maria is regretful that, unlike her soas, her husband and her lover, all of whom one way or another she has lost, she has seen nothing of the world. The company said that higher selling prices and an improved product mix contributed to an 18 per cent rise in revenues to G For ad the weakness of commodi- ty prices, importers of raw materi- als, almost ail of which are priced in dollars, are be ginning to find the process expensive.


The objection seems to be chat Serps is wildly extravagant. Play back is very good dcr-trv17r quality of recordings are as good as any camera on the market. Essex, 01 This is connected to a number of strain gauges which measure the perform- ance of a rod under. But; short T of spending all day on the phone — your stockbroker, how do you stay informed?

Fearing competition from an al- ternative market for advertising, CLT has stated that it wants an im- portant share – around 30 per cent – in the overall French local TV sec- tor as a precondition for going ahead with the satellite venture.

There has been an upsurge of guerrilla attacks on the Israeli occu- pation forces this month. It is of course a pity if it takes a long lime to get die 5823b right by relying on merit, but a single Trevor McDonald or Moira Stuart must be 85223b dozens of over-promoted black beginners.

AFREEY CD-1845E Internal IDE 45X CD-ROM Drive

The cuts ore due to a fall in orders and delays in introducing a new range xrf mini – computers. Honest dialogue While expressing his appre- ciation of die emotions which inspired the call, Mr Walesa stresses that calm should pre- vail.

The public divisions within the board surfaced again yesterday when Mr Geoffrey Kirk, the NCB’s director of information, openly criticised ecr of its management practices. One would like to think that the Government will react to – the Ponting ruling by going ahead forthwith with repeal or refonn. Exol Computer Systems, Croydon. The reat of the earnings, will be invested. We could help get a bet- ter sense of’ proportion into discussions about risk by speak- ing the truth about whether something is more or less dan- gerous than people think.


What makes it unique is 85233b most of the action is offstage, whispered among prophets and leaders of the flocks. Coming international Corporation February,! If an underground cmwpntwr detects movement.

This estimrte, puhtished last November, was on foe assump- tion fort the strike would to d by foe begumiug of Polygram sought the deal to dose its costly and inefficient distribu- tion system in the U.

Because the IBM Personal Computer has enough software to cater for even the most idiosyn- craticusei: I understand this need people feel actively to protest against a terrible 85223b.


S- exports to Japan, is in the midst of an Internal policy debate about the renewal of the car quotas. Richard Moryi,’ Alfred TSfchhatte. An etton of painting s by Caravagrtp: Mer- cury’s operating licence, which is expected to be published tomorrow, will require it to extend its network to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Newport within five years.

After -all, if a local authority faces an overall financial constraint, its position is somewhat akin to that of a large corporation seeking to maximise overall profit. However, Lloyd’s has been split into two electorates for the purposes of voting. It finds that “only in the UK and Greece are union rules directly covered by statutory provision. Bat political interference and uncommercial deasions have led to years of serious losses.