What could be the problem or should we exchange it for another one. It is working like a charm and read the manual that you can download in PDF format for it and it explained everything I needed to know! It is equipped with a 1. Just so you all know Other than that, Im happy! I will never trust digital concepts again.

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SOLVED: I have a Digital Concepts MP Digital Camera an – Fixya

Thanks to Kelly for posting the links to Sakar. My hope was that buy this day and agetechnology would have advanced enough to do that.

I can not get the flash to come on I want to send it for repairs under the warranty I can not get the flash to come on I want to send it for repairs under the warranty. However, if the new that I receive is a piece of crap I digiital be sure not to get another one. Whether it’s cheap or expensive, the merchandise IS required by law to function properly.

I’ve had it charging for the past 7 hours and still nothing. You get what you pay for. It seems more like Screw the Customer Concepts. The pictures show up in the monitor window. It’s really such a terrible product, I don’t even know how they get by selling it at all.


So the preson who posted that little thing up there about more info, depending if ur neice is like 11 or 12 or even 9, she’ll like it. After replacing them 5790 twice the frikkin screen became corrupt and ever since we have been unable to fix that anyone know how to fix this u tell me!!!

Warranty & Support

I hate Sakars customer service as well. This should definitely be looked into. I bought this camera, it’s tiny, silver, and has Digital Concepts on the front. Caitlin Fri, 12 Jan My daughter will use it for summer camp – it’s just right for that job.

Digital Concepts

Renae Wed, 24 Oct The flash is only good at short distances with soft tape placed over the flash itself to soften and diffuse it. Secondly, if 5740 want to get an SD card for it, the max the camera can address is MB. Answer me please, Jessie. This is all okay except for in the example file I used there are 8 extra padding bytes before the 0xffd9 and a bunch of extra garbage after the file.

Ok, so, I got one of the Digital Concepts cameras the one that Lina’s holding in her pic looks like the same oneand I got the right SD memory card for it the booklet said up to, but no more, than 1 GBand I have all the software downloaded did that even before I got the mem cardand when I tried to connect the cam to the comp to upload my pics, it was giving me the message that it’s missing the SD card, even though I KNOW it’s in there.


I thought this would be a quick fix. And i get wonderful xoncepts. Dah Sun, 07 Jan Learn more about Amazon Prime. Tandra Wed, 26 Sep A friend of mine asked me to help her download the pictures onto her computer and what a hassle!!

Hi, i got one of these cameras for christmas, and after a couple days the battery died. But I’m sure it’s not anything I can’t work on.

We received a “little” slip of paper diital us to PLEASE not return the product to the store from where we had purchased it? Not finding what you are looking for?

Or ask anyone who worked for the usa based company who made bicycles for them. I bought this camera for my son for Xmas.