Our goal is to provide the best combination of products, and the best price, without games or tricks to lock you in. Customized software Redefine your visual communication program with LabelForge and DuraSuite labeling software. This can wrinkle the printing ribbon, which would cause these print quality problems. The SD card needs to be present when the Lobo is powered on. You may need to apply some downward pressure at the front corners of the printer. Your driver is now set up and ready to create labels. We do not sell supplies from Graphic Products, nor are we endorsed by Graphic Products, because we would be forced to sell our DuraLabel compatible vinyl for too high a price.

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A Printing Preferences 9000 box appears. Open the lid of the printer and make sure the print head is latched down all the way. The printer has finished following the instructions that it received. Page 11 Move the adjustable media guides to fit the width of the label supply, securing the label supply in place. Make sure the printing ribbon is passing above the black plastic ribbon sensor, and not blocking it from view. Free air movement Go to the Stock tab, and look at the Type drop-down menu.

Turn the ribbon rewind knob on the cartridge counter-clockwise about a quarter of a turn, and try fitting the cartridge into place again. Each black plastic ribbon spindle has a wider rim on one end, and a narrower end on the other side: If you have other questions, please contact our support team for help. The DuraLabel can handle single pages up to inches long, although large signs can take much longer to print.


Information about the DuraLabel , DL, SafetyPro 9G

The new DuraLabel printer driver may now be installed. This option should be set to Thermal Transfer. This may be caused by an incompatible ribbon, or by incorrect instructions that Toro is trying to follow. The ribbon should be smooth at both spindles and across the print head — not folded back against itself.

Call Us Toll Free from the U. Otherwise, there are some settings to correct, which takes only a little longer. Move the adjustable media guides to fit the width of the label supply, securing the label supply in place. It will feed out some label stock during this process; once it stops, you can safely open the printer, unlatch the print head, and roll the label stock back in.

It should be properly centered on the thick supply bar, with the left end cap covering the number that corresponds to the width of the supply. Industrial Duralanel Solutions ISS provides supplies which exceed durlabel quality specifications outlined by the original equipment manufacturer.


This problem usually comes up with labels that are more than thirty inches long, printed from older Toro systems. And it’s easy to use It’s easy to load, reload and use the DL Remove any other rolls of label stock from the area of the printer.

The DuraLabel PS comes packaged dutalabel all the same traits as the DuraLabelbut with a portable touchscreen workstation. That tells us which version of the printer you have. We can install your print driver and software, provide on—screen tutorials, and help you print your first label.

Select the Stock tab. Click OK to save changes and close the window, and try printing your label again.

DuraLabel 9000 User Manual

Put the DL to work for you. Need to make a big statement?

Loading the Printer DuraLabel ribbon duralagel vinyl supplies have been optimized for compatibility and print quality. Consider placing it in a folder with other project documents. A Driver Wizard Completed Successfully window appears, confirming the printer driver installation was completed successfully. If the same thing happens again, continue to the next step.