If you need to press the document flat while you copy or scan it, do not press too hard and be careful not to move it. Always load paper short edge first, even for landscape printing. When you are done, replace the document cover by inserting the tabs back into the slots. Make sure the memory card access light is off and that no cards are in any of the slots. Use only letter-size paper to print the index sheet.

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Restoring Color in Faded Photos 8.

Load envelopes flap edge left with the flap side down. Scroll down to the Adjustments area and click the Color Restoration checkbox.

Epson Stylus CX5000 All-In-One Inkjet Printer

If you select Photo Paper, the photos print borderless, to the edge of the paper. Insert the paper, printable side up, against the right edge guide and beneath the tabs. My Epson from several years etylus is still chugging away, but the CX is to be avoided. Flip the feeder guard back. The type of paper you choose affects the way your printout looks, so be sure to select the correct cx0500 for your job.

You can load up to sheets of plain paper and up to 20 sheets of photo or matte paper. Select Print Head Alignment.


This takes about one minute. In addition, some of your digital camera settings may not be reflected in the printed output. Mac OS X The On and B ink lights flash.

Epson Stylus CX Driver Download, Software, and Manual

Press the paper size button to select Letter, 4″x 6″, or 5″x 7″. Epson cannot guarantee the compatibility of any camera. If you remove an ink cartridge for later twaain, protect the ink supply area from dirt and dust and store it in the same environment as the CX Series.

Of course, the steps by step are also easy to follow. Press the paper type button to select Plain Paper or Photo Paper.

Epson Stylus CX All-In-One Inkjet Printer | eBay

The print quality is reduced, but the copy is printed faster. If you need to stop printing, press the y Stop button.

Hold down the B ink button for 3 seconds until the On light starts flashing. You see a window like this one: You may damage the document cover.

Make sure your CX Series is not connected to your computer or your computer is turned off. If you want one copy of all the photos on the index sheet, fill in the ALL oval at the top cx0500 the page. When you print directly from a memory card, it is best if the CX Series is not connected to your computer or your computer should be turned off. Once you have printed the index sheet, use a dark pen or pencil to fill in one of the circles beneath each photo you want to print to indicate how many copies you want 1, 2, or 3.


The CX Series makes copies until it runs out of paper.

Epson Stylus CX5000 Series Quick Manual: Scanning A Photo Or Document; Basic Scanning

If you want your copies automatically reduced or enlarged to fit the selected paper size, press the Fit to Page button. Go to step 4. Load several sheets of letter-size, plain paper. Remove any paper from the sheet styluw and close the paper support.

When a ribbon goes dry, it not only tells you which ribbon on the computer, but has an epskn that points to the ribbon on the printer itself. Not real sure why. Both printers had problems within just a few months.