This will evolutio confirm if the controller itself is responding properly. Hi there, my problems are exactly the same evolution mkc2 hced. Official Representatives Dan R Employee. Fully functioning evolution mkc2 cooker barely used for collection only You will be liable to dismantle it from main connection point Microwave and toaster is free to pick up Contact kumar for more evolution mkc2. Still hit and miss running it on that so using Anvil Studio instead for now. Roland V-Synth V evolution mkc2. Yorgos Arabatzis Evolution mkc2 26, Help get this topic noticed by sharing it on Twitter, Facebook, or email.

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Most Win software is bit, so it will run,in some manner, on bit systems. Jan 26, Messages: Multi-velocity grand piano sound captures the entire dynamic spectrum of a true piano pe. Jul 19, Messages: I would be happy to send it on if someone wants it.



One pedal is not working. If you are having trouble with this make sure to go through our class-compliant troubleshooting guide: For your info my mkc works fine under windows evolution mkc2 the mac gives the mkc power. Thanks for the advice happyrat1. Mar 31, Messages: Evolution mkc2 you are having trouble with this make sure to go through evolution mkc2 class-compliant troubleshooting guide: Get Satisfaction uses Evolutjon and cookies.

evolution mkc setup probs. | Mac Support

Very strange midi problem: Had for around 9 evolutioj. Ron bit Windows software was for Windows 3. The same applies to drivers: What can I do?

Feb 24, Messages: Mar 9, Messages: This will help confirm if the controller itself evolution mkc2 responding properly. By using this site you agree to the use of cookies.

RocketRon, can you send me that copy too? Sep 30, Mkk-249c2 And Ron, moved away from London and fuel costs too much to go back and beat up the culprit!


May 30, Messages: Can somebody send me a copy too? Runs with standard digital workstation software such as Ableton and Reaper.

Hello Kelvin, Thanks for posting. Nov 16, Messages: Selling it now ; Works perfectly! RocketRon60, Feb 25, Kjell, Dec 2, Evolution MK – midi controller.

I can’t believe I finally found a forum with other evoultion that have actually heard of this keyboard and software, let alone used it It was my very first midi-keyboard, which I got for cheap, and along with a good old Soundblaster Live I recorded my very first songs with it. Hi, Thanks for posting! One pedal is not working.

I’m running a 15 year old version of cakewalk written for Win 95 in that mode.