I didn’t change anything to make it appear. Use old driver and you are good to go at the fraction of a price. We used to take a sample part from a lot we had bought and scrape the top of it to see if there was anything underneath. If we were talking about something I was making to sell, or if I had a lot more disposable income the story will likely be different. The modprobe above will only work if the driver can figure out the chip type.

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FT232RL: Real Or Fake?

They all have the markings of the right hand of the three chips. Fortunately only a few of the controllers were actually sold, and I was able to swap the chips quickly.

The modprobe above will only work if the driver can figure out the chip type.

Beware of fake opamps. Learn how your comment data is processed.

I don’t know why. No one in the comments said the most for me important thing yet. The selection is very limited, but they are likely buying from the local sources that other made in China stuff are using.

All that cost saving without passing onto the consumers. If you bought yours for significantly less than that or bought it on a large online marketplace ex. Just last night, they kept forcing the local currency pricing on my order and their exchange rate is too steep. A further clue may be where you got it and what you paid for it. But that is my opinion. StefanL38 11 1 1 6. FIFO receive and transmit buffers for high data throughput. See below about how to do that. Send me a mail for errors etc in this page – bill.


drivers – Ubuntu using a serial terminal with a FTDI chip usb virtual comport – Ask Ubuntu

The drivers people might have some undocumented features for chip testing stuff they could use. For linus own sentimental reasons I’ve kept a copy of the original websites here.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Counterfeiting is a massive issue globally and shows how fragile supply chains can be. For many people, heck, even for me, at this level it almost looks like alien technology.

Probably sending a command string to query the intermediate micro-controller, which the real FTDI chip would ignore. There are a lot more since I wrote the driver so some of the comments for that structure earlier on ft232eq the code are incorrect.

FTDI SIO, 8UAM and Linux USB serial driver

Install it like so:. Compared to the real chip, the fake chip has two types of SRAM etched in the silicon — evidence this chip was pieced together from different layouts.


I used to work for a company called America2. The other thing you will probably want to lijux is strace the application trying to talk to the device. There is a lot of counterfeiting happening with electronics components.

New CBUS bit bang mode option. Hackaday raises its hand. Zanna 50k 13 The program tests simple writes of any size using simple data. Many good questions generate some degree of opinion based on expert experience, but answers to this question will tend to be almost entirely based on opinions, rather than facts, references, or specific expertise. Eg, if RSA is used for key exchange, and a dynamically generated aes key is used for encrypting the payload, then weakening the aes key generation would plausibly go unnoticed.

As of today I stand corrected: