Go to control panel and open power option 2. Timeline with calendar displays and ‘Goto’? Please see trouble shooting page to resolve this. Shut down the Hisco DVR completely 2. When the “Quit” icon is clicked the user will initially be prompted with the three choices: Additionally, by clicking the number, the selected camera can be viewed in single mode. First you need to find the beginning image from recorded image data.

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Then user has to change the Internet option setting. Select the DVR links that will be grouped.

SMTP server port default 25 Receiver address: Only users with administrative privilege can log on to change any setting. IP Video Entry System.


IP Camera Centralization Management. Port number for alarm connection. Hsico in to the Router’s Web-based Utility. User also can configure the entire schedule backup feature through Client computer. HKEA always open for all creative business proposition, your suggestion is welcome and reward all contributed parties and serve the community.


Displays the amount of Eyedata space used. Live view, record, playback, backup and remote access Color Quality control: Most small office routers give out an IP address in the X.

If a date contains recorded data, the date will be displayed RED. Unplug the unit from the wall dvg if it is not going to be used for several days or more. Playback recorded image with sound.

Welcome to Hisco Technologies Canada Ltd.

Edgar Leonard 1 years ago Views: Start display at page:. Read and understand all safety and operating instructions before the radio is operated. Initial display mode of the Eyeclient. If you want to change the destination, change the directory from Save in Dropdown menu. Then click Search button to retrieve any records. Double click on network connection hiso. If this option is checked, current motion setting will apply to all cameras. Select camera on the bottom left corner 3.


The recording history can be viewed or searched remotely via a modem or local area network. Set your monitor refresh rate to 60Hz to fix the problem. Use a hosco household hjsco. Central Monitoring System Software If a motion is detected, the Motion indication will be displayed on the screen and DVR will make a beeping sound.

SMTP server address Port: Saving Settings The OK icon may be used to save settings. The Verizon names and logos and all other names, logos, and slogans identifying Verizon s products and services are trademarks More information.

This user manual is an operation More information. User can add a new user. Reinstalling a newer Nero 5.