If there are any new SMS reports, the number will blink. Happy Browsing Back to top. Then, the functions related to the UIM card such as connecting to the Internet, making and answering calls, sending and receiving text messages, and reading the messages recorded in the UIM card may be unavailable for you. Do not place magnetic storage media near your wireless device. When you maximize the screen, it becomes the following:

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Huawei EC Unlock 3G USB Modem

Do not switch your wireless device on when the use dc321 wireless devices is prohibited or when the wireless device may cause interference or danger. Environmental Care Remember to observe the local regulations regarding the disposal of your packaging materials and old wireless device and please promote their recycling. You might use the hardware identification to recognize the unknown device then locate the proper driver.

When the ring for an incoming call sounds, you can press the control key to answer the call; When the ring for an incoming call sounds, you can press and hold the control key to reject it; During a call, you can press and hold the control key to end the call.


Step 42 Mdel and description 1 Select one or more items from the contacts. For specific operations, please refer to “System Settings”. Step 1 Action Click on displayed.

The above data of volume statistic is for your reference only. Check to determine whether the modem is found. If you failed to do that after three times, your UIM card would be locked. Select a number from the Contacts: Notice The information in this manual is subject to change without notice.

Removing Messages If you remove a message from the Trash, it is permanently removed. Making Calls You can call back the number ecc321 a message sender. Standing for read messages. Otherwise, the wireless device may hurt you owing to the strong force when the air bag inflates.

Step 1 2 Operation and description Click on displayed.

Modem configuration for HUAWEI Mobile Connect. Model :EC321

It is subject to your actual one. Switch your wireless device off in aircraft. All the status that may appear and their descriptions are listed below: Forwarding Messages In the Outbox, you can forward the messages that have already been sent out.

There mocel three means to update the drivers.

Error occurs to the re-imported files if the exported files have been modified. Status Information on the Screen The status information shown on the screen depends on the service that is going on. You must be logged in to post a comment. For more information, please refer to the descriptions on page If there are any new messages, the number will blink.


Step 1 2 Operation and description From the window of Contacts Manager, you can select the source position and the aim position for the importing. Do not place the wireless device in the area over the air bag or in the air bag deployment area. If you failed to do that after 10 times, your Modeel card would not operate.

Forwarding Messages You can forward messages received in huxwei Inbox. During the actual installation, if any step differs from what is huswei here, please follow the specific installation instructions.

New drivers can unlock more features for a system that might not have been accessible before. However, you can still make emergency calls. The lifetime of NFC is simply getting started, and soon it is going to be everywhere.