Structural drawing Comment ;a2 Inadequate sealing of roof membrane around conduit and ventilation ducts leading to local leakage around the conduit or duct. Page 12 — Introduction to building thermography ;a1 Figure The deficiency may be due to either missing insulation batts or improperly installed in- sulations batts air pockets. The position of the neutral zone may vary, depending on any leaks in the building. The reflected apparent temperature compensates for the radiation from the surround- ings reflected by the object into the camera.

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Being able to provide a physical illustration of the moisture migration paths is more conclusive than extrapolating moisture meter probe locations and more cost-effective than large intrusive test cuts.

Thermodynamic air temperature indoors in K. Soak the cotton wool in the liquid.

FLIR InfraCAM User Manual

Note the typical ray pattern. Dimensional Drawings Dimensional drawings This section includes a few typical infrared images of moisture problems on low-slope commercial roofs: NOTE If you do not use the camera, the power goes off after infracak time period that you can set in the menu system See section 8.

Procedure Follow this procedure to use the power supply to charge the battery when it is inside the camera FLIR Systems ships this manual with your camera. Overview of You can use two different methods when you move images from the camera to a methods computer: The air infiltration enters the room from behind the cornice.


FLIR InfraCAM SD Infrared Camera – at the Test Equipment Depot

Infrared image Comment ;a1 Insulation deficiencies in an intermediate floor structure. This manual also for: Introduction To Building Thermography Introduction to building thermography Resistance Variations 13 — Introduction to thermographic inspections of electrical installations Procedure Follow this procedure to delete all images: Priority 13 — Introduction to thermographic inspections of electrical installations The classification of the defects gives a more detailed meaning that not only takes into account the situation at the time of inspection which is certainly of great impor- tancebut also the possibility to normalize the over-temperature to standard load and ambient temperature conditions.

Inspections can be carried out at a lower temperature difference, but will make the analysis of the infrared images somewhat more difficult. The camera is on. FLIR Systems will, at its option, repair or replace any such defective product free of charge if, upon inspection, it proves to be defective in material or workmanship and provided that it is returned to FLIR Systems within the said one-year period. General You can measure the minimum or maximum temperature using a fixed area in the middle of the screen.

Flir InfraCAM Thermal imaging Camera

NOTE The laser pointer may not be enabled in all markets. Technical Data Technical data Disclaimer FLIR Systems reserves the right to invracam models, parts or accessories, and other items, or change specifications at any time without prior notice. Opening An Image 8 — Operating the camera 8. Index — Q power cable science, building: Page of Go.


Thermal anomalies will only present themselves to the thermographer where temper- ature differences flr and environmental phenomena are accounted for. This button is context-sensitive.

This must be carefully monitored.

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Object Size The reason for this effect is that there is a smallest object size, which gives correct temperature measurement. The component in the infrared image and in the photo is not the same, however, it is similar. But it is virtually impossible for an IR thermographer to have detailed knowledge about all the different types of onfracam that can be controlled.

Together with the temperature of the anomaly, a threshold level can be set dependent on these temperatures using the critical surface temperature factor. Enter text from picture: Page 33 5 — Camera parts Laser warning This laser warning label is attached to the camera: