No recording capability, stable gui, minimal functionality — tuner and volume. You are going to have to modify this file if you want to add another language tag or if you want to add additional channels, it should be simple to see what needs done to make it work just be sure that you create the soft links before you try to add a button or it won’t play the stream. This is a small python script to check the tv-tuner status run it with –help to see its options:. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. To disable logging, uncomment the log line.

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Mailing List Archive: cx HVR FM radio driver?

Unlike its companion AM, FM radio continues to be the primary source of information and entertainment. If you have questions put them on the mythtv-users list.

Clearly a more sophisticated application. I haven’t played with radio much, and in fact the dmesg says something suspicious: Then, the script mythfm should be modified to use the argument to detect which card should be used and tune the radio on that card.

Create stream 2 using buffers of size ivtv: I am jvtv to the forum, just subscribed one hour ago. Registered v4l2 device, streamtype 2 minor ivtv: Registered device video24 for encoder PCM kB [ Here are outputs requested: Some of the older applications are mature and readily available, but no longer actively developed.


ivtv-radio • help

Could not detect tuner standard, defaulting to NTSC. Now, we are going to hack a couple of buttons onto the default menu theme. This list isn’t very active.

See link for rxdio usage information radio — a n-curses-based radio application part of the xawtv package radioshark — application to control the griffin radioshark XDRadio XDialog wrapper for radio listening xfce4-radio-plugin — plugin for the Xfce panel xmms-fmradio — plugin for XMMSlast version autumnDebian and Red Hat packages Also See For devices capable of receiving RDS informationsee the associated userspace applications. The basic idea here is radil we first configure the tuner for the station we want, then capture from the radio device and forward to the output device.

The cool bit is that you can stream a live FM radio show to all your devices in the house or office.

I think ivtv-radio is in the ivtv-utils package. All times are GMT It then checks the frequency and if the frequency is too high for FM, it is assumed to be TV and the ivtv-tune is called to change the TV channel.

My original posts to the list about this were in Feb This page was last modified on 6 Marchat That’s good, now use this to kill the stream. Jun 15, Posts: Basically what is happening now is that all your channel change requests for that tuner is handled by this script.


Radio Listening Software – LinuxTVWiki

If you are currently running MythTV version 0. Our limited Internet infrastructure is still very limited to a small section of the population, speeds are still horrible, so on-line radio is still not an option for many. It first kills any ivhv processes. But using the computer and the internal network seems to be a good idea and a great solution to my needs. I think the plugin as posted work with Slimserver 6. They’ll probably get it fixed for you.

Median Chroma Filter Maximum: Registered device vbi0 for encoder VBI kB [ Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. My suggestion would be to search the mailing lists radioo a solution http: In case of problems please include the debug info ivtv: Do you hear the stataion without having to enter a single thing in the command window?