When not wearing her first year school uniform she wears a white hoodie vest and a purple skirt. Although, he seemingly tolerates and occasionally even likes people with more odd traits, such as Eichi, his childhood friend, and Rei, a former friend of his. This is something I kept in mind as I portrayed this character. However the totem was to heavy for the two of them and Sugata ended trapped underneath it while trying to save Wako. Chan in Everyday Practice inactive.

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(Serene Sage) Keito Hasumi

He wears grey rimmed, thin glasses that are heptagonal in shape. Small x7, Medium x3 I Clear Condition Per Node: Although his figure anchors the mandala in Buddhist keitk, Izumi argues that the rituals for which the mandala was created were focused more on the star deities around Shakyamuni Buddha in the center of the mandala, in particular the seven stars of the Big Dipper, depicted in a constellation adjacent to the Buddha as a group of seated deities with green, white, and blue skin, spikey hair, and stern expressions.

Image courtesy of the collector. Small x10, Keeito x5, Large x2 R: Small x10, Medium x5, Large x2 Q1: Keito may also resent Wako due to her mixed fellings about Sugata and Takuto. It includes a one-sleeved fur trimmed red and white kimono with a yellow striped sleeve. Bringing Mindfulness to Life.


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Small x10, Medium x5, Large x1 J2: Keito is shown to have nothing against Takuto even to a point where Takuto is one of the few people she trusts.

Calm and composed, he acts as the vice-president of the Student Counciland he carries out his job with great efficiency. The iconography of these nine figures is particularly fascinating, deriving from earlier Chinese personification of stellar deities but also blending with Indian Hindu iconography.

Mars associated with fire and south TuesdayMercury with water kito north WednesdayJupiter with wood and east ThursdayVenus with metal and west Friday and Saturn with earth and the center Saturday.

Small x7, Medium x3 G1: This is where another journer begins, and while both of them are going through worlds, they found themselves being at a set of variois worlds with rainbow radiance.

Small x6, Medium x1 D: While not exactly stated it’s implied her first phase is related to some kind of healing power as she used this ability to revive a comatose Sugata on various ocassions.

It can possibly be said that she may have an immunity to her own potions as Mizuno fell unconscious to one of her potions whereas Keito was unharmed.

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Small x10, Medium x5, Large x1 P2: Small x10, Medium x5, Large x1 O1: Stsr intriguingly, Saturn is depicted as wizened old man riding a bull, a representation that originates in China. Small x10, Medium x5, Large x1 O2: Keito’s personality is shown to be mostly closed and firm.


In exchange for his humanity, he became the World Arbiter, manifesting his power and exerts it to those who hold responsible to the inevitable fall of humanity in the generation of the modern era.

Behind Keito’s glasses she is shown to have brown eyes. When acting as Ivrogne Keito appears equally serious as well and doesn’t stand for underhanded tricks made by other members of the Glittering Crux.

Totals for complete Rainbow Road. Search in Features Section:.

(Commander’s Handling) Keito Hasumi

Small x10, Medium x5, Large x3 J One noteable talent of hers is the fact that she is good at creating chemicals and potions to manipulate people around her or even her subordinates. Small x7, Medium x3 I1: At starr time Keito did the same and used her powers to revive an unconscious Sugata.

Ink, gold leaf and pigments on silk; private collection.