Admin June 11, at 7: A friend of mine taking a class in Internet security and told me about kismac, and I have learned much about how it works and how often it doesn’t by playing with it and reading the various faqs and tutorials. I try to find the proper place to post my response but I could not find it, therefore I need some help on how to work my adapter with KisMac. The best description I have seen describes it as a flood of authentication requests, in the hopes of getting a responce that reveals part of the encryption key. Hello i have some questions I’m using snow leopard Do you think it is going to work anyway? Does the Alfa NHR works with kissmac?

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Anonymous July 16, at 7: Anonymous April 3, at 7: It may and will reveal your attack.

Joking aside, your comments are showing that you do not grasp completely the concept behind the handshakes, what is a deauth or a flood. Third, The signal from the client you will not be “absorbed” by the AP and disappear, It will bounce back everywhere.


Admin June 12, at 4: That’s why it’s going haywire. I will be grateful if you can test the awush in a congested city with many buildings and share your results!

Kismaxx: Best WIFI card /Wlan KisMAC Compatible

Admin March 18, at MBPman October 30, at 2: I used this adapter indoor in a three storey building for over a year to try connect to a hotspot which was about a ft from me. Anonymous November 21, at It will cost me more to return the Hawking card, the funny thing is that this card was recommended on another site to be used with Macbook kisamc Kismac.

I particularly enjoy your undoubtful, questionless, unconcerned self-certainty. First, a flat panel is a directional antenna, hence need to be aimed to kisma source. It’s strange that is bounces on passive.

iismac Do you know if it is a very dense network grid? Is it doable o not? Thanks for putting together such an awesome collection of information.

Airport extream+kismac+Injection

Should I uninstall USB wireless utility, removing all traces in the preference panes and start over? Buy at your own risk. It even comes as a prebuilt VMware virtual machine. Not having to repeat every single time what to do.


KisMAC free download for Mac | MacUpdate

A weak scheduling is basically a statistical attack. So I guess, I was not sure before if it was the cause, now it’s getting closer.

FreeQC June 22, at 4: Recommended by the Kismac team: Then comes the Encryption Worked great for wep hack gonna try the wpa dictionary attack now The longest part is collecting the unique iv’s. I tryed, but it doesn’t support injecting.

Admin June 10, at 7: Admin August 3, at 9: But do you know if it will have the right chipsets if I needed to. Kristian Mota June 11, at 2: Anonymous December 1, at inkection