Page 1 of 2. Your name or email address: U can get that software from Isohunt. Now I get the full signal but the channels don’t actually show up when I try to watch. Hopefully when I get a released version of 7 on the machine it will fix things. Even if I boot into XP without doing a power down, the tuner shows no signal. Originally Posted by talon95 You can also just go to device manager and do a “driver update” on the devices shown as unknown that represent your HDTV Wonder.

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Mine works great under 7 but sometimes when I try to watch over the air TV, the media center will say that there is no signal on this channel or something like that, and it won’t show any picture. I haven’t tried the others but the tests I’ve seen show it way above the others and just short of the pro.

Regardless of this though, I still tai a XT.

Discussion in ‘ Home Theater and Automation ‘ started by kramDec 26, I’m still digging the XT Those extra rendering pipelines DO make a difference at high resolutions, moreso than raw clock speed, imo. Wti people use Matrox. The laborious process entails: Strange the way it does that sometimes but at least I can watch my channels.


Was yours a clean install or an upgrade install? You must log in or sign up to reply here. I have one of these cards, so I am wondering what driver it was that you actually used. I wouldn’t even dare installing MMC which I only use for analog capture agi the inc.

Let’s get this suckas caveats on delineated. Originally Posted by Doug40 I haven’t found anything that will bring the HDTV wonder back to life once it goes into the sleep state other than removal of power. Even if I boot into XP without doing a power down, the tuner shows no signal.

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Originally Posted by sigi In my case the card is working fine ith the 6. I am not sure how I did it, but it is possible to get Windows 7 MC to find both the Digital channels and the Analog channels. So that’s what’s happening!

If I remember correctly, it hung at one point and I had to click ‘retry” a couple of times and then it finished. It goes both ways, so apparently something specific to the OS gets setup and there is nothing in the software to do a reset when qti is started. Sep 19, Messages: I know that is quite a process, but as of qti, I am not sure which things made it activate both the digital and the analog tuner capability of the HDTV wonder.


ATI HDTV wonder in MCE 2005

Wasn’t 3dfx bought up by STB which was bought up by nVidida? Yes, my password is: All is well in signal strength area but i cant get any tv channels!

Sleep mode was turning off the tuner and it wasn’t waking up. It probably has something to do with operating the tuner, but so far I haven’t figured out what specifically causes the problem. It didn’t either, so out of frustration I went back to the earliest restore point available that sti. Not sure about the STB in the middle there. Mine works great with 32 bit, but I really want to move to 64 when I install the retail OS.

And that’s running v9. Feb 20, Messages: This was on a clean install of 7 on a separate hard drive from xp. VooDoo would be nice if they were still around