Any DMX data send to the input will be mapped to any of the channels of the internal mixer so they can be used for all kinds of programming. Size and weight Height: Hello all, I am looking for a flexible DMX interface that could be used from within Max via USB or be run in standalone mode for times when the show must go on, but a computer isn’t available. Every output can be used arbitrarily as a switch or as a RS output. The USB port is used for programming with e.

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It looks perfect and awesome and I want to order one right now with overnight shipping. Powercon Extension 10 ft. I can’t think of any problems I have had with it, though a recent post mentioned smaller and possibly cheaper DMX products so you may want to have a search. Jun 28 6: The actual maximum number of cues depends on number of channels used in a cue.

Black lqnbox alluminium case, designed to withstand On-The-Road conditions. SysEx implementation for full lighting editing. Nov 01 8: Lfx orders being shipped outside the USA or Canada, please visit www.

Download the User’s Manual for the LanBox products kanbox. Anyway, I’m incredibly pleased with it, but I guess its on the large size if that bothers you. MIDI, for editing and external triggers. This is all done extremely reliable due to industrial grade hardware and firmware, and once programmed, it is done autonomously, without the use of a computer.


Although I haven’t used one myself, on paper it looks very attractive, although expensive. Buy Max 8 Now. The DMX output has an output patcher and different curves and slopes can be assigned per channel. The digital outputs are multipurpose. Cycling ’74 will be closed on Dec 25th, 26th, and Jan 1st.

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All other names referenced are the service marks, trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. One or more of the outputs can also be used to send RS langox. Of course all eight outputs can be individually programmed.

The inputs are mapped to the internal mixer channels, but these can also be used to -for example- control cue properties like transparancy or speed or trigger a cues based on the input value. The output patcher connects the DMX channels to the internal mixer channels.

Multiple LanBox-LCs are supported automatically. Any comments pro or con the Lanbox LCX? The MIDI ports will send and accept controller and note messages to directly control individual mixer channels or even cues. The MIDI ports B can both send and receive any type of Controller, Note and SysEx message where all these messages can be assigned to individual mixer channels and cues. Every output can also be used as an RS output. Come to think of it, I’m not sure how you would communicate over USB from Max, I’m guessing you would be using serial or something?


Download LanBox manuals, software and Max/MSP files

Using this feature it is possible to control equipment like iPods, projectors and media players. All these inputs and outputs can be connected and programmed. For COD orders or payment by check, e-mail us at sales midilite. USB serial, for editing and external triggers.


RJ45 10BT connector for the network. Hardware Microprocessor based design. Every output can be used as a switch, providing up to 20mA.