Put any compliant contactless card on the reader ,. Card inserted, Unresponsive card, Fri Apr 19 Post as a guest Name. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Please install the proper driver for this hardware: Maybe your probem has already been reported and solved. Get the current source code from git You can also access the git developement version.

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In a bugreport from ubuntu it says that the javax. See Subversion statistics for pcsc-lite at September for more information. Without an update, you should have some problems to run the daemon. You may use the command FF CA 00 00 00 get card serial number ilnux a test. Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:.

Put a card on the readerand check that everything is running as expected. If you have not found a solution then subscribe to the Pcsclite-muscle pxsc list and send your request to pcsclite-muscle lists.

The middleware is also available as packages pcscdlibpcsclite1 libpcsclite-dev and for many other distributions. In the above screenshot, we have a CSB6 connected: It was because driver problem in Linux.


Kill any running pcscd process re start pcscd exactly as described bellow: Consult the ChangeLog file.

pcsc-lite package : Ubuntu

The returned data are the serial number of the contactless card. It is better to have pcscd automatically started when the computer starts.

If you are experiencing problem syou can, in a terminallaunch this command to see if the daemon reports any error message: Please install the proper driver for this hardware: Select the contactless slot of your CSB6 reader usually the first reader limux the the list. Post as a guest Name.


Write the APDU command in the script panel. You can also access the git developement version.

Sign up using Facebook. Plug the device onto an unused USB connector. Add the following lines: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. YumYumYum 9, 37 Starting with MacOS X version A bugreport has been filed with apple, also hinting that it would be nice for em to update the ccid -driver and pcsc-lite for a change: Authors The pcsclite project was started by David Pcac.


Warning, on some Linux distributions, like Raspbian for example, the system comes with a pre installed lib but in an old version of pcsc-lite for example an 1. If you have some problems with the daemon you can launch it this way to see some error messages: On Ubuntu and on some other Linuxesconnecting as root is not possible. I pcc another workaround here Accessing javax.

java – PCSC does not return anything on linux, the card reader is connected – Stack Overflow

First search the mailing list archives. Before to install pcsc-lite you should also verify that libusb is up to date and if necessary install the dev version. As Ludovic states, the ccid -driver for example is 3 years old and by consequence is missing possibly bad linix for 97 readers since t hat version: