The first is the need to. These cameras have built-in web servers. Oversized orders that require delivery by truck do not qualify. Features an integrated 3. Typical Retail Setup Selecting the best components is the hardest part of ing a great deal of hard-drive space installed on the DVR is a good idea, because you can search for video from the DVR control program. Picture detail was almost imperceptible. View all 4 cameras at once or sequentially.

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In this configuration, the master DVR can be used to switch and view any of the 64 camera inputs, while each slave unit offers live camera viewing for its inputs, ensuring that this system grows right along with your security needs. These individual cameras are expensive the price of four or five fi xed cameras, qqlr0440 so only install a PTZ to cover large, open areas such as parking lots or lobbies.

Among other features, it allows video to be archived directly to a hard drive,supports the monitoring of up to sixteen cameras on a single screen and can be used to set up time and date, and motion detection based recording. Thank you for signing up! If even a small amount of light is available, the camera will enhance it to give you the best possible image.

This means that even users who are not in the CCTV business will master its functions in as little time as possible.


A simple and reliable, plug-and-play video surveillance system for hotels, shops, banks, Lodex information. In daytime mode the camera is still extremely sensitive to be rated at 0. Because it s wireless, this camera can be quickly moved to another position, making it ultra flexible. Includes management software, stand, and power supply. At the same time you can activate the camera s 4x digital zoom to get alr0440 closer look at people and objects.

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Start display at page:. Record crisp video in complete darkness for distances of. Security you can rely on.

With this degree of customization available, a user can finely tune recording to meet the exact current application requirements without overwhelming storage and network resources.

Although computer driven, this PCI board does most of the processing on its own, leaving the host PC to do its part fast and efficiently. Lorex Client 11 is a program that allows you to connect.

Up to loeex presets can be registered in advance, so you can aim the camera exactly where you want it. Day-time, night-time or round the clock. View a sample email. The 2 USB ports can be used to connect an external hard drive for long term archiving.

Zoom Network camera, PoE Never record another person s private property without permission. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

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The market s widest range of network cameras The video surveillance market is thriving, driven by increased public. Running on DC or AC power, this camera installs in minutes and lotex a good choice for low profile, low cost video surveillance for your home or business.


Plug your camera into any outlet, plug the receiver into another outlet, plug the receiver into your computer using the included USB cable, install the software, and the WiLife Command Center takes care of the rest- it s that simple. The market s widest range of network cameras The video surveillance market is thriving, driven by increased public More information.

For example, is it to be used for: Standardized Surveillance Guidelines Standardized Surveillance Guidelines A complete commercial guide for entry level, mid- level and high end qlrr0440 system requirements Surveillance Guidelines www.

Also includes an auto image stabilizer for use in windy enviroments and scene change detection.

In a world that faces security challenges every day, protecting people, property, More information. Sony introduces two new additions to its line-up. Lorex Support, Get online help for your setup problems using lorex self-serve and access your lorex information, products manuals and documentation.

With low light capability. It has a database of over 26 million drivers and can identify Lorex devices and almost any other.