The soundcard is detected and some config opions is appear in ffado-mixer, including matrix mixer any channel to any channel and crossfader mixer. Dumping IsoHandlerManager Stream handler information On Fri, Jul 3, at 2: Perhaps others might provide feedback. The playback and recording works perfectly with samplerates , and it’s a good stability better than other firewire card that i tried.

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Hello, I had the same worries that you have when I was going to buy an interface for my linux audio computer, so I may help you.


Also, install low-latency kernel: In reply to this post by Syl-4 Hello, I had the same worries that you have when I was going to buy an interface for my linux audio linyx, so I may help you. I mean, I could configurate the profire successfulybut I can’t find a way to configure ffado as the default soundcard to get sound in the entery enviroment. Thanks Nicanor for your input.

You will most probably get playback when you use the old firewire stack in kernel. If you are an solo artist, making music on your own maybe electronicrecording only one or two tracks at a time, the Delta LT with it’s 10 ins and outs is something you wont need, but something you will need if you want to do a semi-pro studio for recording other artists and bands.


[SOLVED] Profire recognized by ffado mixer but not jack

In my little knowledge, I’ve heard that USB audio interfaces work better on linux. Free forum by Nabble. If you may need to use your interface in different computers an USB is for you as it works out of the box in almost any computer, at least the M-Audio Fast Track Pro I use does.

On Fri, Jul 3, at 2: But It not work on khz, I hear a noise sync clicks evrytime, I play music from different audioplayers and set different buffer setup and periods for jackd. Number of channels command failed What do you suggest i try? However, I have not used any of these and therefore I can’t give any pointers as to the best way for you to proceed.

Any clue, will be very preciated!

ProFire |

Howdy, New to the list and I pretty new in the Linux Audio word. Given your followup post on the 27th I assume the basic problem of “no sound” has been resolved that is, when using JACK applications it seems to work according to that post.

What do you think? However, this work is currently stalled due to higher priority tasks and I have no idea when it might become usable. As a result they will not be accessible using the usual desktop sound systems which only make use of ALSA-supported devices without further configuration work.

Compound Syt Match, Id: On Wed, Jul 1, at Perhaps others might provide feedback. As firewire is by design quicker linus USB2, i thought it’s the best choose. I had a hard time trying to get ProFire working on my laptop with Ubuntu Studio 9.


I never tried this interfaces, but I’m sure there are several users that can tell you about them in the list. I haven’t had the time to do so, but as soon as I do I will liinux a how-to.

M-Audio ProFire 610

Lets see whether the mixer works too. Search everywhere only in this topic. In m-ausio to this post by Nicanor Garcia. As i prefer take my time to learn how to make music under Linux rather to get crazy getting my audio interface running. Also, you can get linux audio to work on an old laptop or a not so old netbook proffire doesn’t have firewire, but an USB interface would do.

In addition it’s made in Japan, which is for me a gage of quality.

I used it with power adapter without any problems. What is this function about? Good news is that ProFire is recognized by ffado, also the ffado-mixer starts and does not crash and shows some basic info, like sample rate, clock source etc.