Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. Emergency power off function EPO. Advanced battery management ABM. With the add-on advantage of Extended Runtime battery packs, the UPS backup time can be extended to maximize workflow flexibility. Maruson Technology is an American brand name with factories in Taiwan. Selectable input voltage for home appliances and personal computers. The RX33 delivers the best combination of reliability and flexibility, with the latest 3-Level IGBT and DSP control technology, making this system the best choice for data centers and critical equipment.

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The Mega 33 AVR Series is designed to automatically maintain a 3 phase constant voltage level to protect sensitive electronics from brownouts and overvoltages. High performance upe high speed MCU control for lower power consumption and better efficiency. Maruson Technology is an American brand name with factories in Taiwan.

Offers accessories such as power cord adapters, network management cards, and sealed lead acid batteries. If UPS is overload, this circuit breaker will trip to disconnect the unit from utility power.


Maruson Technology Pro-800alcd 800va/480w USB LCD UPS System

Cold start DC power on. The MBS Maintenance Bypass Switch PDU Series is an external bypass switch for safety purposes and allows continuous power to critical equipment without shutting down connected equipment during scheduled maintenance for UPS or battery replacement. Optional 50A usp PWM solar charge controller. Wide input voltage V – V. Stay up to date on industry news and trends, product announcements and the latest innovations.

Short circuit and overload protection. Mrauson speed controller based on UPS load. With servo-motor type AVR technology and microprocessor controller, it allows quick response reach high precision, lower power consumption, better efficiency for detecting and regulating voltage. Auto restart while AC is recovering.

Maruson Technology Corporation Brea, California, CA

With servo-motor type AVR high precision while without the instant high voltage surge. Automatic cut off on short circuit or Input Circuit Breaker. Emergency power off function EPO. Large charging current design for external big capacity battery application.

Smart RS communication port. Overload and short circuit protection. Tel-modem internet spike protection.


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Preparing other brands of UPS. Self test each jps switched on. With relay type AVR quick response reach high precision. Advanced battery management ABM. Resettable circuit breaker for overload protection. Our agents and merchants are all over Egypt Countries.

If the battery is discharging under no load, will shut down automatically to keep the span life of the battery. Charge when ups is off. Contact Maruson Technology Corporation. Available in various models, power capacities, input and output voltage ratings, frequencies, and features.

Compatible to mains voltage or generator power. USB ports for power management software. DSP controlled for advance maintenance. The Ultima RT series UPS delivers online power quality and scalable battery runtimes for servers, voice and data networks, storage systems and other IT equipment.