Additional information Programming Software for: You need to set up an account with them before you can purchase anything. Still best to use OEM when possible except for the price! Some cases have cutouts that make it possible to access the knob at all times. Our trained technician can then read and program your radios without the need to ship equipment. We are asked many questions centered around Motorola CP Programming. Point leader-board This leader-board shows the top 5 point holders as of this week updated weekly.

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Motorola CPS | RSS Software Programming: Motorola CP CPS Programming

If your radio is setup to work with a repeater system then you only have half of the puzzle. Motrola Frequency Counter can be used with your radio to display the transmit frequency being used on that proggramming. We have listed the instructions for how to get setup with a Motorola Solutions service account given a link to a programming kit and the part numbers you will need to purchase.

The following questions should be answered in this article: Extend battery life for the handsets and any connected accessory headsets by setting low power modes on individual channels. This will require a basic understanding of two way radio frequencies to program a radio correctly.


Thanks for the feedback, I’ve updated programmlng site to reflect your info. By tech posted September 16th6: This device listens for a TX signal and displays the frequency number on a screen.

Motorola CP, CP PR CPS Programming Software – HamFiles

The channel selector knob on the two-way radio lets you quickly scan the airwaves for other channels and listen in on the conversations of other people on your network or using similar devices in motrola area. Forums New posts Search forums.

By thedung33 posted October 8th8: You softwrae to set up an account with them before you can purchase anything. Use search filters to determine whether you prefer VHF- or UHF-enabled varieties of the radios and select the number of channels you desire.

By coolidgevfd posted February 11th4: Joined Mar 25, Messages If you find an error in this or any other listing please let us know via the comment section for the appropriate download.

If multiple channels have excessive amounts of noise, a new antenna may be in order. Motorola System Key Generator v0. Motorola cp By leonmada posted October 11th2: By wkws posted February 18th1: Is it easy to use? Thanks for the software! By amck77 posted July 15th1: Downloaded and installed on XP as i do with most of Motorola software worked first try this saves almost Compatability By knightnblue posted September 15thmotorla If you are reading this then you likely do not have your programming report and can send us a working radio.


Contact an approved Motorola Dealer and let that dealer read and program your CP radios. We program,ing read your existing radio and program your new radios to match. You can purchase the required Motorola Software and Cables to connect your CP radio to a computer. By delmarfd30 posted December 18th Pushing the power level button when tuned to a channel toggles the channel into low-power mode and reduces battery usage, but it also reduces the range of communications on the channel.

Works for PM as well. Search Downloads Search Use inverted comas to refine your search.

Got a used CP200, how to program it?

When i try to open the CPS software I get an error saying it cant open the controller. This is where a grown man dances around like a giddy 12 year old girl lol. Just what I have been looking for.