You may be asked if you want to enable large hard drive support – you must answer yes for any drive larger than mb yes, mb, not gb. A bit of alcohol rubbing or methyl or ethyl cleans off the stubborn deposits easily. Can certain Windows OS’s be downloaded for free from the internet? It encouraged me to persist, where otherwise I may have been discouraged to consider that I was wasting my time trying to fix old equipment. I need to first review the information you posted me concerning this, and research and learn a few more things on the net.

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MSI 845GVM-L, Socket 478, Intel (MS-6714-040) Motherboard

I studied a bit more about graphic cards. There are several things that must be right in order for a floppy disk to be detected properly in Windows.

Floppy 2nd Boot Device: Please assign your manual to a product: My monitor for the is presently connected to the graphics card that I want to remove. I suggest you install a hard drive and OS. Seagate’s Seatools will test any brand of hard drive.

So I thought or wondered that the boot loader loads the OS from the CD, into the RAM, from where it is operable while powered, and from where one can optionally choose to store install the OS into a non-volatile place – a hard drive – and that the hard drive is merely a larger and more convenient storage device than a CD: Almost all mboards made in or later have ATX “family” mboards.

When I turned on the system I heard and saw the two fans spinning, but I heard no beeps, only “clickety-click-wrrrrrrrrrrrr” which I guess is the CD WR drive. Why were you trying to use MaxBlast? If you can, you can copy it or better still make yourself a “slipstreamed” CD that has the SP4 updates for integrated into it, and use that to boot the computer and 6741 Windows.


MSI MS-6714 Manuals

Click on that link, scroll down on that resulting page to see the directions for making it. I typed in as follows according to what I read on msu actual hard drive: Keeping this in mind, I can also see that msii ‘old’ MS could still serve me well if I handled it nicely – 67714 would be interesting to see how many years the oldies will serve us still, and I find it interesting that you still use a computer that you built in Elsewhere in the BIOS settings there may be an option to ignore the floppy drive on boot up.

Answered on Nov 08, The Windows licence allows you to make one copy of your Windows disk for backup purposes, in case the original disk is damaged, – and – installations of and XP that came on brand name computers sometimes did not come with a Windows re-installation CD, and in that case you’re allowed to make one copy of someone else’s CD of the same version, in the case of XP, Home or Pro, whichever is installed on the hard drive, to load Windows with, as long as you have and use the original Product Key, which is supposed to be on the official Microsoft label on the brand name case.

For Win 98 and up, as in, the download can make a bootable floppy disk or a bootable CD if it’s clicked on in Win 98 and up – it doesn’t matter what operating system is on the hard drive you test and it doesn’t even need to have data on it – similar applies to any bootable hard drive diagnostics program.


Support For GLM | Motherboard – The world leader in motherboard design | MSI Global

If the XP CD does not have SP3 updates integrated into it on the CD, after SP3 updates have been installed, you can free up some hard drive space by removing backup files created when SP3 updates are installed, but then you can’t un-install the SP3 updates you 6174 never need to, if you install SP3 updates before you have installed a lot of other programs – msj below.

I read the name Phoenix Bios D, checked the beep codes at the link http: Is the “Keep Data” position the same as which you describe as the “run position”? This confused me, wondering whether they meant a 8. I shall have to go check again.

MSI GVM-L, Socket , Intel (MS) Motherboard | eBay

I suggest 67714 verify the existing hardware is good before buying a hard drive. I never use Cable Select jumpering myself. So then it is primarily the Product Key you pay for, as long as you make only one copy? Brand name system bios versions tend to show you a lot less than bios versions made for retail mboard models.

Things will never be the same again thanks to these guys. Mi MDL: The “Boot from CD: Interesting for me to know that an expert still uses the Maxtor There should be markings on the ciruit board indicating the clear CMOS jumper.

Thanks for also answering all my other questions, and for providing more information. OtheHill Once again thanks for all your help.